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The year 2021 is now in full swing and the first of the gift occasions has arrived, Valentines day. 

I must really scratch my head to find a gift for my wife on Valentines day. One's partner is the most important person in your life and the gift should also reflect the uniqueness of your relationship,

My wife and I were talking about the gift problem. And believe me, it is not just a problem for the men, but just as big a problem for  the wives out there, to find an nice gift for their man! That's why we decided to give some gift ideas to the ladies.

These products are available on our online store - just order and it will be delivered to your door (or office if you want to keep it a surprise)


1. Wooden hand carved VW kombi -  https://www.fleaweb.co.za/search?type=product&q=NOT+tag%3A__gift+AND+vw+kombi*

2. Wooden hand carved Landrover - https://www.fleaweb.co.za/products/landrover?_pos=2&_sid=dcae9240a&_ss=r

3. Fokkityd ek is op Pensioen  Wall Clock  -  https://www.fleaweb.co.za/products/fokityd-ek-is-op-pesioen-wall-clock?_pos=1&_sid=cac2e48dd&_ss=r

4. Beer makes you Lean board for Bar / Man cave - https://www.fleaweb.co.za/products/beer-makes-you-lean-board?_pos=1&_sid=47a5583e7&_ss=r

Plus lots more.... Go and have a look:





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