The focus of FleaWeb is to ensure that our customers are satisfied.   If you are not completely satisfied, you can return the product and we will exchange the product, credit your account or give you a refund depending on our policy explained below.  Please contact us on or send a WhatsApp to 083-469-1166 in case of a return.

  1. Packaging parcels for returning
    1. Package the products to minimize any damage during transport back to FleaWeb
    2. Parcel must be clearly marked with the:
      1. Name of the sender
      2. Return reference number
    3. All accessories must be returned with the product


  1. Products that you do not want anymore
    1. Products can be returned free of charge, provided:
      1. It is not damaged and unused and have all original labels etc.
      2. All original accessories are included
  • It is within 7 days of delivery date
  1. Products can not be returned under the following circumstances
    1. Personalized for you and made to your requirements
    2. Food products
  2. We will collect the products from you at no additional charge


  1. Products damaged upon delivery
    1. FleaWeb must be notified of a damaged product within 7 days after delivery of the products
    2. We will arrange collection of the products
    3. Upon receipt we will replace/repair the product or credit  or refund you.


  1. Defective products
    1. FleaWeb strive to ensure that only the best quality products are sent to our customers
    2. Where a product does have a flaw that make it not to function in a way that one would reasonably expect, the product will be collected for:
      1. Repair / exchange
      2. Credit / refund
    3. This will depend on stock availability as well as agreement with the customer
    4. The following will not be regarded as defects:
      1. Faults due to normal wear and tear
      2. Damage caused by user abuse


  1. Warranty
    1. If you received a product from FleaWeb that is defective or of poor quality, we need to be notified as soon as possible but not later than 3 months after delivery of the product.