1. Introduction
    1. The website for FleaWeb can be accessed at https://www.fleaweb.co.za
    2. These terms and conditions govern the ordering and delivery of goods
    3. FleaWeb is selling products for 3rd party suppliers and we do our utmost to ensure good and reliable quality


  1. Registration to the website
    1. Registration to the FleaWeb website is optional
    2. You may not display, publish, copy, print, post or otherwise use the Website and / or the information contained therein without the express prior consent from FleaWeb


  1. Returns
    1. See our returns policy


  1. Conclusion of sales and availability of stock
    1. Orders must be placed on the Website for the products that was selected
    2. Correct delivery and payment details must be filled in
    3. FleaWeb will not be liable for loss in case of an incorrect delivery address
    4. If for some reason, we do not have stock of a product, the customer will be contacted and given a choice of a refund or late delivery


  1. Payment
    1. FleaWeb is using the Payfast platform for payment transactions.


  1. Delivery of goods
    1. FleaWeb is using two methods:
      1. Delivery via courier
      2. Collection – where possible as we are using 3rd suppliers
    2. The delivery cost will be the responsibility of the buyer accept if otherwise stated
    3. Buyer will have a choice of a fast and economy delivery time


  1. Quality of service
    1. We strive to deliver excellent quality service to our customers