Wood Clock–Learner Analogue/Digital Insert(Afr./Eng.)

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The concept of time and reading a clock is sometimes very difficult for a child. Here is a magnificent product to help your child master the concept of time!

Play the puzzle game and teach your child the concept of digital and analogue time. This game has great value as your child is able to build the clock-numbers as well as manipulate the hands of the clock to practice the reading of time.


   Clock Puzzle board with movable clock hands (300mm x 260mm x 6mm)

   24 x Hour inserts 1-24

   12 x Minute inserts (5-minute increments) Eng.

   12 x Minute inserts (5-minute increments) Afr.

   12 x Minute inserts (5-minute increments) Digital

   2 x Before and after 12 inserts

   2 x Blank inserts


Order Code: SF-WLT-400